Twists on Breakfast and Brunch Favorites

Twists on Breakfast and Brunch Favorites

Reinventing the Most Important Meal of the Day

Have you ever found yourself scrolling through Instagram, salivating over the exquisite breakfast and brunch dishes that seem to dominate the feed these days? I know I have. There’s just something about a perfectly plated avocado toast or a fluffy stack of pancakes that makes my mouth water. But as much as I love those classic breakfast and brunch staples, I can’t help but crave something a little more… unexpected.

That’s why I was so excited to discover Camperdown Elm, a Brooklyn-based restaurant that’s putting a fresh spin on everyone’s favorite morning and midday meals. From inventive takes on eggs Benedict to creative cocktails that would make even the most seasoned brunch-goer raise an eyebrow, this place has truly mastered the art of the unexpected.

Elevating the Humble Egg

Let’s start with the humble egg – a breakfast and brunch staple that’s seen a lot of love (and a lot of innovation) in recent years. At Camperdown Elm, they’re taking this breakfast basic to the next level.

One dish that’s caught my eye is their Crab Benedict. Now, I know what you’re thinking – “Crab Benedict? Isn’t that just a fancy eggs Benedict?” Well, my friend, you’d be mistaken. This dish takes the classic eggs Benedict and gives it a delightful twist by swapping out the traditional Canadian bacon for succulent crab cakes. The result is a delicate balance of sweet and savory that’s sure to tantalize your taste buds.

But the egg-cellence (see what I did there?) doesn’t stop there. Camperdown Elm also offers a Turkish-inspired breakfast dish called Menemen. This scrambled egg masterpiece is infused with spices, peppers, and tomatoes, creating a flavor profile that’s both familiar and exotic. It’s the kind of dish that will have you wondering why you ever settled for plain old scrambled eggs in the first place.

Pancakes, Reimagined

Now, let’s talk about pancakes – another breakfast and brunch staple that’s getting the Camperdown Elm treatment. While you can certainly find classic buttermilk pancakes on the menu, the real showstopper is their Lemon Ricotta Pancakes.

Imagine fluffy, cloud-like pancakes, bursting with the bright, tangy flavor of lemon and the creamy richness of ricotta cheese. It’s a flavor combination that might seem a bit unexpected, but trust me, it works. The lemon adds a refreshing zing, while the ricotta gives the pancakes a delightfully tender texture.

But the team at Camperdown Elm didn’t stop there. They’ve also dreamed up a Banana Walnut Pancake that’s sure to satisfy even the most ardent sweet tooth. These pancakes are studded with sweet, caramelized banana slices and crunchy walnuts, creating a symphony of flavors and textures that’ll have you reaching for seconds (or thirds).

Cocktails that Elevate the Brunch Experience

Of course, no brunch is complete without a carefully crafted cocktail (or two). And Camperdown Elm has definitely taken this aspect of the meal seriously.

One cocktail that’s caught my eye is their Elderflower Mimosa. Now, I know what you’re thinking – “Mimosas? That’s so basic.” But trust me, this isn’t your average mimosa. The team at Camperdown Elm has infused their bubbly base with the delicate, floral notes of elderflower, creating a drink that’s both refreshing and sophisticated.

But if you’re in the mood for something a little bolder, you’ll want to try their Mezcal Bloody Mary. This twist on the classic brunch cocktail swaps out vodka for smoky, complex mezcal, giving the drink a depth of flavor that’ll have you sipping it slowly and savoring every sip.

And let’s not forget about their Espresso Martini – a decadent, coffee-infused cocktail that’s perfect for those who need a little extra pep in their step to power through a leisurely brunch.

A Brunch Experience Like No Other

As you can probably tell, I’m absolutely smitten with Camperdown Elm and their innovative take on breakfast and brunch. From their elevated egg dishes to their reimagined pancakes and expertly crafted cocktails, this Brooklyn-based restaurant is truly raising the bar when it comes to the most important meal of the day.

So, the next time you find yourself craving something a little more exciting than your typical breakfast or brunch fare, I highly recommend paying a visit to Camperdown Elm. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you.

And if you can’t make it to Brooklyn, you can always check out their website at to learn more about their mouthwatering menu and plan your next visit. Just remember to come hungry – you’re in for a truly unforgettable dining experience.